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Hi, welcome to the meraSABAQ Grade KG testing family

Say Good-bye to the ambience of a dull and boring classroom as SABAQ brings you a fun, new way to teach your kids Grade KG Math, Science and English! With eye-catching graphics and vivid visuals, the MeraSABAQ Grade KG App redesigns how children perceive studying by making it a fun, colourful and interactive experience. This app makes it impossible for children to resist studying. The MeraSABAQ Grade KG App comes with a detailed story and music-based lesson videos, exercises and Teacher’s Guides for all three subjects. It intends to keep children entertained as they develop a better understanding of their syllabus. Equipped with the MeraSABAQ Grade KG App, your students will be falling over themselves to learn! > Engaging Lesson Videos – Compatible with all major textbook boards and printing press > Practice Sets and Exercises – For children to retain what they learn > In-depth Teacher’s Guide – Step by step guide on integrating technology in your classroom > Lesson Videos for Grade KG Math, Science and English > Learning Outcomes are as per the National Curriculum of Pakistan > Fun and Free! > Teacher’s Guides will facilitate parents and teachers alike in planning out lessons > In-built Exercises after each lesson to > Colourful and fun graphics > Lessons with relatable, child-like characters > Interactive content > Easy-to-use interface > > > > > SABAQ is an education solution designed to supplement regular instruction at school in primary grades through high-quality digital resources that help them develop literacy and numeracy skills. Its applications are designed to be engaging and interactive, includes animated video lessons, interactive exercises, live-shot video lessons, and story-based instructional content. The content is aligned with Pakistan’s National Curriculum and is compatible with all major textbook boards and the printing press. In 2017, SABAQ won two national awards: one by Pakistan Innovation Foundation at National Innovation Conference for Innovation in Education; second, at Pakistan’s first Digi Awards in the Education category. Earlier in 2018, SABAQ was the only EdTech company selected for the Next Billion EdTech awards at Global Education & Skills Forum 2018 in Dubai.

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